How do I transfer my data from an old phone or tablet to a new phone or tablet?

Option 1: Download from Toodledo or Google

If you synchronize with either Toodledo or Google, then your tasks will automatically download to your new device when you install the app and set up synchronization.  If you synchronize with Toodledo, then your notes will transfer as well.  If you synchronize with Google, your notes will not transfer since Google does not support notes outside of tasks.

Note that this method does not copy settings and custom views, since Toodledo and Google do not support this type of data.

Option 2: Use the Backup and Restore Feature

The backup and restore feature can be used to transfer all data in the app, including settings, custom views, and notes (which cannot be stored in a Google tasks account). 

The first step is to make a backup on your old device by going to the "Backup and Restore" area in the app's settings.

The next step is to copy the backup from your old device to the new one.  If both the old and new device have a SD card slot, one option is to simply move the SD card from your old device and place it in your new one.

If either your old or new device does not have a removable SD card, you will need to use your desktop PC to transfer the files.  Plug your old device into your PC and then copy the folder named "Ultimate To-Do List" onto your PC.  Then, plug in your new device and copy this folder into the top level folder on it.

On your new device, disconnect from the PC and install the app.  When the the opening screen appears (which asks what type of account you would like to sync with), choose the option to restore from the backup.  If you don't see this option, either the "Ultimate To-Do List" folder was not copied to the correct location, or your device is still connected to your PC (which sometimes blocks access to the SD card or media folder).

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