How do I use the Wear OS add-on?

The Wear OS add-on gives your watch the ability to browse and check-off tasks, snooze reminders, and create and update tasks by voice. It can be purchased in the Add-Ons area of the settings.

Enabling the Add-On After Purchasing:
  • Starting with Wear OS 2, you will need to install the app on your watch by opening the watch's Play Store, then locating the app in the "Apps on your Phone" section.
  • If you don't see Ultimate To-Do List listed, try going to Wear OS's settings and resyncing apps. If that doesn't work, restart Wear OS or reboot your handset.
How to View Your Tasks:
  • To show your default task list, say "OK Google. Start Ultimate To-Do List."
  • You can also access your default task list by opening Ultimate To-Do List from the list of apps on your watch.
  • To view another task list, say "OK Google. Note to self. Read" followed by the name of a list, such as "hotlist" or "all tasks".
  • Once you have opened a task list, you can tap on tasks to check-them off.
Handling Reminders:
  • Reminders appear as notifications both on your handset and on your watch.
  • On your watch, swiping from left to right will dismiss the notification.
  • Tapping on the notification will reveal options to snooze the reminder and mark the task complete.
Using Voice Commands:
  • To create and update tasks by voice, say "OK Google. Note to self." followed by the voice command.
  • Voice commands are identical to those used by the app's voice mode. To see a list of voice commands, tap on the microphone from any task list on your handset.
Setting Default Values for New Tasks:
  • Tasks created by voice on your watch use the same default values as tasks created using the app's voice mode.
  • To set default values, go to the Voice Mode section in the settings area.

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