I entered a task online in my Toodledo or Google account and it is not appearing in the app.

Here are some possible causes and solutions for this issue:

  • You have not yet set up synchronization. Go to the Account Management area within the app’s settings and check to make sure that your tasks are synchronizing with the online account that you expect.

  • Your device does not have an internet connection. Once you have an internet connection, try running a manual sync to download the tasks.

  • You have not synchronized yet.  Tasks entered online do not immediately download into the app.  Instead, the app synchronizes at regular intervals, as defined in the settings area.  You can always trigger a manual sync by tapping on the "sync" button in the navigation drawer.

  • The task has downloaded, but is currently being filtered out.  Try adjusting the filter options by tapping on the filter button, or try switching to a different task list / view.

  • You need to search for the task by name.  Tap on the search button in the app and search for the task by name.

  • A synchronization reset is needed.  Only do this if you have not had success with the other suggestions here.  A reset will erase all tasks and notes on your device and download all items from Toodledo or Google.  Please be aware that Google does not store notes that are not linked to tasks.  To perform the reset, visit the Account Management area within the settings, then tap on the name of your account and choose the "Reset Synchronization" command.

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