Reminders and alarms are not working. Why?

Here are some ways that we are aware of that can cause reminders not to display:

  • Having the app installed on an SD card. After a reboot, or after disconnecting from a computer, the app must be run one time in order for reminders to be set. We recommend installing on an SD card only if your main memory is very low.  You can check the install location in the Application Manager area of your device's settings.
  • Account settings have reminders disabled. To check, go to the app’s settings area, then tap on “Account Management” followed by the name of your account. Make sure the reminder options are turned on.
  • The reminder field is disabled.  To check go to the app's settings area and tap on "Fields/Functions Used".  If you previously chose the "Keep it Simple" option, then reminders are disabled.

  • Low volume. If the reminder appears in your notification area but there is no sound, then check your notification volume level.
  • Invalid sound setting.  If the reminder appears in your notification bar but there is no sound even though your volume is up, then go to the "reminder options" area of the app's settings and try changing the "sound to play" option.
  • Having the device off at the time the reminder should be displaying.
  • Snoozing a reminder and then rebooting the device before the reminder appears (this should be fixed in a future release).
  • Forcing the app to close after tapping on the recent apps button.
  • Use of an app killer app, or any app that may affect the normal execution of software on the phone.
  • Using another program that is also synchronizing with your Toodledo or Google account, which doesn’t support reminders/alarms.
  • For location reminders to work, you must have your device's location settings on high accuracy. It may also help to increase the reminder radius in the app's settings area.

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