How do I transfer my tasks from a Toodledo account to a Google account

The app will allow you to do this if your tasks are compatible. Google requires that all subtasks be located in the same folder as their parent task. So, you first need to check your Toodledo tasks to ensure this is the case. This includes any completed tasks that are stored on your Android device.

It is also important to be aware that Toodledo has many features that are not supported by Google. These include reminders, contexts, locations, start dates, the star, and others. After the transfer, you will still have access to these on your device, but not when viewing your tasks on Google’s web site.

Once you have confirmed your tasks are compatible, do the following the perform the transfer.

  1. Open Ultimate To-Do List on your Android device, then go to the settings area and tap on “Account Management”.
  2. Select the name of the account containing your Toodledo tasks, and choose the “Unlink from Toodledo” option.
  3. Once the tasks have been unlinked, choose the option to link to a Google account. If you still have any tasks that are not compatible with Google, the app will warn you and not establish the link.
  4. Your tasks will appear in your Google account after the next full synchronization.

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