How do I enter a reminder in Toodledo that will sync with the app?

Time-Based Reminders

When entering the task in Toodledo, the reminder date and time are entered next to the due date.  You will need to specify a due time for the task, and select the number of minutes prior to the due time that you would like to be reminded.

If these reminder options are not available, you will need to enable some features in Toodledo.  First, go to Toodledo's settings area and edit the "Fields/Functions Used" settings.  Here, enable the due time field.  Second, in Toodledo, click on "Tools" -> "Alarms and Reminders" and enter an e-mail or SMS address to have the reminder sent to.  Note that you don't have to provide a real email address.  Toodledo just needs something entered here in order for reminders to be enabled.

To set up a nagging reminder, also type in the word “nag” on the first line of the task’s note. When syncing, the app will see this and enable the nagging reminder.

Location-Based Reminders

On the first line of the task’s note, type the words “loc reminder” to instruct Ultimate To-Do List to set a location reminder when the task is downloaded to your device. To set a nagging location reminder type “loc nag”.

You can combine location reminders and time-based nagging reminders by entering “nag” on the first line of the task’s note and “loc reminder” or “loc nag” on the second line.

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