How do I set up calendar integration?

Initial Set Up

First, you will need to make sure you have at least one calendar on your device.  You can check by opening your device's calendar app and checking the settings.  If you don't have a calendar set up, log into your Google or Exchange account to set one up.  For a Google account, this is set up from

Within Ultimate To-Do List, you can turn on calendar integration by going to the settings area and tapping on "Fields/Functions Used", then choosing the "Power User" option and enabling this feature.

Automatically Adding Tasks to the Calendar

To have all tasks added to the calendar, go to the app's settings area and tap on "New Task Defaults".  You will see options to show new tasks in the calendar, as well as to automatically create calendar events when new tasks are downloaded from your Toodledo or Google account.

TO AVOID DUPLICATE CALENDAR EVENTS: If you are using multiple devices, make sure that only one of them automatically creates new calendar events when downloading new tasks from Toodledo or Google.

Using a Separate Calendar for Tasks

We recommend setting up a special calendar to use exclusively for Ultimate To-Do List tasks.  This will allow you to choose whether or not tasks are visible in the calendar app on your device.  To hide your tasks, just turn off visibility for the corresponding calendar.  To create the special calendar, log into your Google account at and create a new calendar named "Ultimate To-Do List".  Then, within Ultimate To-Do List's settings, you can choose this calendar as the one to hold your tasks.

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