How do I use the calendar integration feature with multiple devices?

If you use multiple devices that are synchronizing with the same Toodledo or Google account, we recommend enabling the calendar integration feature on only one of them.  This will avoid the accidental creation of duplicate calendar events.

If your calendars on all devices are linked to the same Google or Exchange account, then your tasks will show up in the calendars on each of them.  This is due to Android's built-in calendar synchronization.

Within each calendar event, Ultimate To-Do List will place a link that you can tap on to edit that item in Ultimate To-Do List.  It is important to keep in mind that the link will only work on the device that the task was created from.

Here is a summary of our recommended setup for multiple devices:

  • Choose one device to have calendar integration enabled.  On that device, go to the Ultimate To-Do List settings area, and make the following settings adjustments:
    • Tap on "Fields/Functions Used", followed by "Power User", and turn on the Calendar Integration checkbox.
    • In the "New Task Defaults" area, enable the checkboxes to show tasks in the calendar and, if desired, to automatically add new downloaded tasks to the calendar.
    • Tap on the "Calendar to Place Tasks On" setting, and choose a calendar.
  • On all of your other devices, make sure that calendar integration is turned off in the app's settings area.
  • Make sure each device is linked to the same Google or Exchange account and that calendar synchronization is turned on.  This can be checked in the "Accounts" area of your device's settings.

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