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  1. Can I keep my tasks in sync across multiple devices, such as a phone and tablet?

  2. Can I set up a daily reminder that occurs even if I don't complete the task?

  3. Can I set up a location reminder if I enter the task on Toodledo's web site?

  4. Can I set up a nagging reminder if I enter the task on Toodledo's web site?

  5. Can I synchronize my tasks with Microsoft Outlook?

  6. Context, Goal, and Location Information is Not Syncing Across Multiple Devices

  7. Does Ultimate To-Do List support the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology?

  8. Google Play is asking me to pay for an add-on again, even though I have already paid for it.

  9. How can I move my purchase from one Google account to another?

  10. How can I sync my tasks with a desktop or laptop computer?

  11. How do I create a subtask?

  12. How do I create a task from a contact?

  13. How do I delete a folder, context, tag, goal, or location?

  14. How do I enter a reminder in Toodledo that will sync with the app?

  15. How do I export or import my data to/from another app?

  16. How do I navigate through the app?

  17. How do I recover / restore my data?

  18. How do I rename a folder, context, tag, goal or location??

  19. How do I resize the widget?

  20. How do I set up calendar integration?

  21. How do I transfer my data from an old phone or tablet to a new phone or tablet?

  22. How do I transfer my tasks from a Google account to a Toodledo account?

  23. How do I transfer my tasks from a Toodledo account to a Google account

  24. How do I upgrade from the tablet edition to version 3?

  25. How do I use the app with the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology?

  26. How do I use the calendar integration feature with multiple devices?

  27. How do I use the Wear OS add-on?

  28. I cannot find the widgets for entering a new task or starting voice mode.

  29. I entered a task in Ultimate To-Do List and it is not appearing online at Toodledo or Google

  30. I entered a task online in my Toodledo or Google account and it is not appearing in the app.

  31. I just bought a new phone or tablet. How can I install the app without purchasing add-ons again?

  32. I performed a factory data reset ("hard reset") on my device. How can I reinstall the app without purchasing again?

  33. I purchased a license prior to version 3. How can I convert this to an in-app purchase?

  34. I purchased an add-on on one of my devices, but it is not appearing on my other device.

  35. I receive "Error Code 3" when trying to sync with Google

  36. I receive the error "Toodledo requires that you give this task a priority" when using voice mode.

  37. I receive the error message "503 Backend Error" when trying to sync.

  38. I receive the error message "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: the name must not be empty: null"

  39. I receive the message "Cannot connect to" when trying to sync

  40. I receive the message "Service version update required" when trying to sync

  41. I see a message saying that Toodledo wants me to sign in to my account again.

  42. I see the message "This app or service has been blocked from accessing your account by you" when trying to link to Toodledo

  43. I would like to install the app on both my tablet and my smartphone. Do I need to purchase add-ons twice?

  44. I'm new to using a to-do list. How do I get started?

  45. My purchase is not detected, and I have multiple Google accounts

  46. Notifications for reminders/alarms are not appearing on my Wear OS watch

  47. Reminders and alarms are not working. Why?

  48. Some subtasks are missing from the list. How do I make them visible?

  49. Subtasks are not synchronizing with my Toodledo account.

  50. The app says that the backup could not be completed because access to the SD card is blocked

  51. The Ultimate To-Do List widgets are not listed when I try to add a new widget.

  52. What can I do with the Backup and Restore Feature?

  53. What can I do with the calendar integration feature?

  54. What do the advanced due date options do?

  55. What is a context?

  56. What is a folder?

  57. What is a goal?

  58. What is a location?

  59. What is a tag?

  60. What is the hotlist?

  61. What issues will I have if I install the app on an SD card?

  62. What limitations are imposed for free Toodledo accounts?

  63. When viewing a task, the contact is listed as "Missing Contact".

  64. Why am I seeing duplicate tasks?

  65. Why does the app put extra text into the notes field of Google tasks?

  66. Why does the app require so many permissions?

  67. Why does the date and time of the matching calendar event not seem correct?

  68. Why is there only a 3x2 widget listed? I need a bigger one.

  69. Will the contact information for tasks sync across multiple devices?

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