How do I upgrade from the tablet edition to version 3?

If you are currently using the tablet edition of the app, you will not automatically receive this upgrade.  Version 3 merges the tablet and smartphone editions into a single app.  From the perspective of the app stores, this is treated as an upgrade of the smartphone edition only.  To upgrade from the old tablet edition to this new version, here's what you need to do:
  1. In your tablet edition, use the backup and restore feature to generate a backup file.
  2. Download the app from Google play:
  3. Run the app and choose the option to restore from backup.  (The new version will detect backup files from the tablet edition).
  4. You can now safely uninstall the old tablet edition.  However, if you have a license, keep it installed on your device.  Version 3 will detect your old tablet license and not require you to make another purchase.

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